Import on commission

Prima-Tech S.C. over 10 years engaged in import and export of goods worldwide. In particular, we have extensive experience in trade in goods from the Far East. We offer our clients assistance in searching for interesting products, check the credibility of Chinese companies, the calculation of transport costs and the organization, to determine the amount of costs and fees incurred on the Polish side.

It is possible to deliver the goods to the Polish customer containers resereved especially for our company, which very significantly reduces the cost of purchasing a product. Customers interested in importing goods, we enable a trip to the largest export fair in China and organize stay in place if needed to provide an interpreter. The total cost of 2-3 week trip sorting out the exit formalities, stay at the fair and your visits to key customer plants do not exceed 9000 PLN gross.

When ordering goods with the help of our process is as follows:

- During the conversation in our company, the client determines what group of products they are interested in, and signs a contract with Prima-Tech S.C. to search for products in China and performing calculations purchase, transport costs, fees on the Polish side and the cost of any product certification. It is informed of the potential pitfalls in imports from China, and the possibilities to avoid them.

- Price for the service you find an item and the total cost calculation of import is 200 PLN gross - of course we issue a VAT invoice. In the event that imports with our help, this amount is returned to the Client.

- If the offer on certain Chinese products corresponding to the customer, he can benefit from our help importing. Our commission is determined individually with the Client and depends on the size of the contract and the type of goods. In practice, the cost of our commission is compensated by much lower than the market cost of transport effected by means of containers of our company.

With our help benefit both small and large companies. We provide our clients discretion, reliability and speed, and efficiency.

We invite you to cooperation.